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Kiteboarding equipment
for kiteboarding
Оборудование для кайтбординга
Kiteboarding equipment
Kiteboarding equipment
Kitelab is a professional kiteboarding equipment manufacturing company.
Since 2015, we have been engaged in the production and sale of bars for kiteboarding, trimmer systems, blocks, ropes and other spare parts.
We use the best modern technologies and high-precision equipment to create high-quality kiteboarding equipment. Our own production allows us to carry out a full cycle of manufacturing: 3D design and prototyping, CNC milling, molding of various composite materials, casting of high-strength plastics, welding, grinding, as well as work with high-strength cords. In a small gallery we want to show some of the processes of our work.
During our work, we have formed a well-coordinated team of professionals with extensive experience. In addition to the main production staff, the sales department, as well as our athletes and test pilots, carry out significant work.
We, as equipment manufacturers, will tell you in detail about our product range in this section and help you understand all the features
Trimmer systems
  • Trimmer system 1:4
    The 1:4 gear ratio system is the choice of the leading racers around the world, both in winter and summer starts. Its advantages are minimal effort when working with a trimmer rope and a large range of work. During the race, you can accurately dose the thrust and change the mode of operation of the kite as quickly as possible. The whole system has a long length, when the trimmer is fully tightened, a fairly long free end of the rope remains.
  • Trimmer system 1:3
    The 1:3 system is the most versatile in its work, especially well suited for children's kiting and for freeride with race kites. It allows you to use a large range of the trimmer with a small load, but the dimensions of the system are much smaller and allow you to tighten the trimmer rope along its entire length. Compared to 1:4, the load on the trimmer rope is slightly higher.
  • Trimmer system 1:2
    This system with a gear ratio of 1:2 is familiar to all kiters. This system put by manufacturers on almost all tube kites. It is maximally simple, has one block, has a large load when tightening the kite, but if we are not racers and want a universal bar for riding a tube kite and a small race kite, this will be an ideal choice.
  • Trimmer-free system
    This type of system has become popular recently. The current trend boils down to the fact that when riding a hydrofoil, riders use light kites of minimal size. The thrust reset on a small kite fits into the length of the stroke of the bar, in this regard, the adjustment of the trimmer is simply not required. Therefore, the lightest possible system complete with a "Open-Up" system is the best option for small kites.


Which bar should I choose with or without coating?

Both versions of the bars have the same weight and reliability. For many riders, it is more usual to ride with soft bars. They slip less when we ride in gloves in winter, and in summer it is pleasant in the hands. The uncoated bar with bare carbon fiber is very popular with racers, especially when riding on water. The secret lies in the fact that the carbon fiber is not covered with varnish or resin, we even specially grind such bars so that the fiber is open. Water in this case moistens the surface of the bar and it fits tightly in the hands, gives maximum feedback to the rider and the kite. A little secret - the bar of bare carbon fiber needs periodic cleaning with detergent to wash off greasy dirt, because of which water rolls off its surface.

There are many individual preferences of riders in choosing the length of the bar. Therefore, here are some statistics. KiteLab carbon bars are available in four sizes: 48, 55, 62 and 65 cm. Of course, for a small kite, a 48 cm bar will be the most comfortable and convenient. About 30% of our customers buy exactly this size. The most common length is 55cm. Most riders complete the entire line of kites with this size, for us it is 60% of orders. And for fans of big kites, we made KiteLab V3 62cm and KiteLab V4 EVA 65cm bars. This choice is made by 10% of our customers.
We offer various options for connecting the kite. They can be divided into a standard chickenloop, our proprietary Open-Up system and a micro-hook for a trimmer-free system. We want to tell you more about the Open-Up system.
Open-Up system
This version of the Open-Up system has a shorter length than a conventional chickenloop and allows you to use a larger range of depower, which is very important for active riding on hydrofoil, or for most race kites. Each Open-Up model has a ceramic bearing, it is needed for easy unwinding of the kite lines after the rotation of the kiteloops and downloops, as well as during tacking. The bearing in most cases provides auto-unwinding of the lines, which is very convenient.
Open-Up loop system
This version has a loop, like a standard chickenloop and a finger for fixing on the harness. We recommend using it with our safety micro-leash. In this case, the auto-rotation is saved. This option is convenient for the ability to quickly hook the kite from rider to rider, it is often used for children's kiting.
Open-Up QR system
The Open-Up QR system is supplemented with a snap shackle and provides a so-called two-stage safety without the use of a safety leash. If necessary, we activate the Open-Up QR itself, and the kite hangs on one line, and if necessary, we open the snap shackle for full release. This is the best-selling option at the moment, loved by many for its versatility.
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