Terms of purchase

General terms and conditions of KiteLab, Managing Director Pavel Kolabin.

The business process and delivery take place Solely by our general terms and conditions based on all contracts Concluded with us (including online).

1. Prices, payment, and shipping

1.1. The goods are shipped only after the payment has been made in our bank account;
1.2. The collection of products is possible only when there is a cash payment;
1.3. The delivery of the goods can only take place after appropriate production.;
1.4. Packaging and shipping shall be at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer did Acknowledges he has ordered a handmade product that will be produced after the order has been received or enters the production cycle. In the case of a longer delivery time, the customer is informed about the approximate time of delivery with acknowledgment of the order and accepts it with payment;

The customer does not have the right to cancel the order if there was a delay in the delivery of his order or in case of force majeure. If the delivery time has not been agreed in advance, then the process of considering a refund or sending a second similar order is carried out only after 90 days after the first order has been sent.

2. Guarantee, dangers, liability exemption

2.1. The Legal Guarantee regulations apply;
2.2. The products sold by KiteLab are designed exclusively for professional athletes at the exclusion of any recreational use;
2.3. The customer must ensure they possess the necessary skills and practice level to use the products;
2.4. The sports associated with these products, including, but not limited to, kitesurfing, involve inherent risks of injury, permanent disability, or death;
2.5. KiteLab bears no liability resulting from the usage of its products in any conditions;
2.6. Manufacturing defaults or a deterioration of the material of the components outside of normal wear is covered by the warranty;
2.7. KiteLab reserves sole decision on replacement of damaged parts after examination and returns costs are borne by the Customer;
2.8. The Guarantee only applies to initial customers, at the exclusion of any second-hand sale of KiteLab products;
2.9. The products can only be purchased directly from KiteLab.

Jurisdiction and applicable law
It applies exclusively to Russian Federation law.

The customer confirms that when placing an order on the website www.kitelab.pro placed the order correctly and with full understanding of its use. The return of goods or funds is carried out only under Guarantee. The customer himself is responsible for his choice of the ordered equipment.